July 10, 2012
Starry Starry Night (film)

Of course,I don’t understand the Chinese but I love the idea (and the poster)

She will never forget the summer when she was 13 years old, the night with the most beautiful starry sky she has ever seen.

Mei, a 13 year old girl, used to live with her grandparents up in the mountains where the stars were most beautiful. After she was taken back to the city, she has been having a hard time both at home and at school. Her only escape is through her memory of those starry nights.

One day, Mei meets transfer student Jay, who seems more detached from the world than she is. Together they try to face their problems, but things only get worse when Mei’s parents announce their divorce and ask her to choose who to live with. Mei and Jay decide to run away from home to see the stars she missed so dearly. In the mountains they get lost, get caught in a storm and share their most intimate secrets.

For Mei, this simple journey becomes her fondest, most beautiful memory.

Based on the best-selling illustrated comic book by Taiwanese artist Jimmy Liao.

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