August 11, 2012
Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight

Looks like in the NY/NJ area clouds are going to cancel the Perseids display overnight - unless there is some clearing by 3am. Who is staying/getting up to check?

When to watch

The peak of the shower, when you will see the highest concentration of meteors, will occur between 3 and 5am on Sunday the 12th—but viewers should see sparks before then. Rao suggests heading out around 10pm to situate yourself, but make sure you’re prepared for a long night. “There are only two dangers to keep you from seeing the Perseid meteor shower: being drenched in dew and falling asleep,” says Rao.

What to bring

Fortunately, the Perseids are visible to the naked eye, but if you must bring additional equipment, leave your telescope at home—it will just restrict your view of the sky. Instead, grab a pair of binoculars: The magnifying lenses will help you quickly zoom in on the meteors and follow the vapor trails that they leave behind.

Where to look

Set your gaze on the northeastern part of the sky, where the constellation Perseus (for which the shower is named) is located. This group of stars will rise in view throughout the night, but avoid concentrating on any one spot, as sightings tend to occur sporadically. “Just keep looking around.There will be lull periods when nothing much is happening, but eventually a meteor will come through your line of sight.”


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